Photo by Tjeerd Derkink  (link)

Photo by Tjeerd Derkink (link)


Maaike Ronhaar is an autodidact photographer from the Netherlands. With a preference for raw and on-the-fly photography, she is always looking for the right energy by focusing on the tiniest action. Maaike’s main focus is music and documentary photography.

She got noticed and toured with bands like (selected) Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, Strand of Oaks, Courtney Marie Andrews, and RUV. Her work got featured in newspapers and magazines like the Telegraph & Country Magazine and more.

Together with Steve Gröniger she works for Never Mind the Hype, an online music platform. Steve writes and Maaike shoots, they are know for their raw publications. Maaike is a freelance photographer for Music Maker Magazine and Lust for Life Magazine.

In 2018 she approached Sony Europe because she wanted to become the first female ambassador in the music scene in Europe. She became a Sony European Imaging Ambassador by the end of 2018. Link to her profile on Sony Alpha Universe.



  • Dare to Dream II: The Gallery at 164,  Leeds England (2018) 

  • Dare to Dream: Artez Academy of Music, Enschede The Netherlands (2018-2019)